About our company

Indigo Wine Co is a premium wine company that was conceptualise by a group of friends with a love for Australian wine. Our aim is simple, to deliver wines of exception backed by the knowledge and service to provide our customers with a valued experience.

We founded Indigo with the desire to not just be the purveyors of great wines but to enrich lives through tantalising the senses. The team at Indigo has traversed the Australian wine scene for many years. We have been immersed in every aspect from owning wineries to providing the route to market, organising the special events that promote the brands and on occasions even formally judging our peer’s wines.

Over this time, we have managed to unearth a range of great artisanal wines and met the people behind them. They are all custodians of the land with a true passion for the sublime, who not only create majestic wines but strive to ensure sustainable and in some cases totally organic practices.

We are elated in the prospect of now being able to share these wines with those who are willing to open their minds and more importantly their senses to an array of aromas and flavours unique to the great Australian wine regions.

As with the creation of wine, we hope to continually develop and hone our craft ensuring a range of memorable and ever-changing experiences. And as with the wines we bring to you, it will be all about the provision of unique and outstanding offerings and journeys.


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